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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

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Fomba started with $200 to be a millionaire

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When the civil war broke out in 1989, Fomba Trawally fled Liberia and settled as a refugee in the Gambia.

n 1991, he returned to his country and started a trading business with a sole focus on rubber slippers (flip flops) which were very much in demand at that time.

His startup capital: $200. All from his life’s savings.

That initial investment in rubber slippers made quick returns and the business grew steadily. By 2005, this self-made multi-millionaire entrepreneur owned three retail stores in Monrovia, selling items such as paper products and cosmetics imported from all over the world.



In 2010, Trawally made the transition from being an importer to a manufacturer. He set up National Toiletries Incorporated, Liberia’s first paper and toiletry products manufacturing company.

‘’His startup capital: $200. All from his life’s savings.‘’

Annual sales from his factories have crossed the $1 million mark and he’s making plans to double production capacity soon. Fomba’s is an inspiring story of a former refugee who turned his life around, and is now one of Liberia’s richest and most successful entrepreneurs.

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